Our workshops are focused sessions dedicated to a specific theme.

Inspiring Women in Business:  Provides high school girls with the opportunity to meet and interact with inspirational W.A. women in business and participate in an innovation task, gaining valuable insight and feedback on their ideas and suggestions.   Learn about the journey of these successful women from high school to where they are now.

The business of…   Students often wonder “when will I ever use this after I leave school?  Look out for our ‘business of..’ events that will give students an insight into how the classroom theory is used in real businesses and gain an opportunity to use those skills in context.


Our annual conferences give students the opportunity to rotate around different workshops run by businesses each applying an aspect of the curriculum.  Businesses have been carefully selected to provide a range of topics so that a broad range of the curriculum is contained in these one day conferences.

General (y11 and Y12) and Atar (Y11) Business Management and Enterprise.

Certificate 2 Business

Bright Young Business Stars

Our program of enterprise and business activities designed to challenge the business stars of the future in a range of activities to test and build their critical thinking, problem solving, team work, leadership and creativity.

Businesses hosting these challenges will have the opportunity to connect with, engage and invest in these talented individuals and making them aware of their organization and the potential role they could have in contributing to the ongoing and sustainable success in the future.  Contact us if you are interested in finding out more about getting involved.

Teaching resources and support

Our business specialist teachers can assist with the production of learning programs, assessments and classroom resources to suit your students’ ability levels and learning styles.   Ideal for new teachers to the subject area and/or just really busy teachers taking on a new course who need some inspiration and support.

Contact us with a brief outline of your needs and we can arrange to discuss your requirements.

Teacher Planning Sessions

An opportunity to work with our specialist business teachers to plan and prepare your courses. Gain inspiration, ideas and support to create structured, differentiated lessons that suit your students and learning environment. This is the ideal session to empower teachers to prepare and develop their own programs and resources with guidance, support and inspiration.